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article: Lex Barker - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner, January 2006

article: Buster Crabbe, King of Serials - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner, August 2006

article: Gordon Scott - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner, September 2006

article: Johnny Sheffield, Jungle Boy - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner, April 2008

article: Johnny Weissmuller - A Biography, by Mike Haberfelner, November 2006

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1.) Adventures of Tarzan, India 1985, directed by Babbar Subhash, starring Hemant Birje, Kimi Katkar, Dalip Tahil, Om Shivpuri, Narendra Nath, Raja Duggal, Sudhir, Sunita

2.) Ismail Yassin Tarzan, Egypt 1958, directed by Niazi Mostafa, starring Ismail Yassin, Abd El-Salam El Naboulsy, Fayrouz

3.) The New Adventures of Tarzan / Tarzan and the Green Goddess, USA 1936, produced by Ashton Dearholt, George W. Stout, Ben S. Cohen for Burroughs-Tarzan Pictures Inc, directed by Edward Kull, starring Herman Brix (= Bruce Bennett), Ula Holt, Frank Baker, Dale Walsh, Harry Ernest, Ashton Dearholt, Lewis Sargent, Merrill McCormick, Earl Dwire, Mrs.Gentry, Philip Sleeman, Joe de la Cruz, Jiggs


4.) The Son of Tarzan, USA 1920, directed by Arthur J. Flaven, Harry Revier, starring Kamuela C. Searle, P. Dempsey Tabler, Manilla Martan, Karla Schramm, Gordon Griffith, Mae Giraci, Eugene Burr, Frank Morrell, Ray Thompson, Saville De Sacia, Frank Earle, Kathleen May, Lucille Rubey, Charles G. Clarke


5.) Tarz and Jane and Boy and Cheeta, USA 1975, directed by Hans Johnson (as Itsa Fine), starring Elmo Brix (= Patrick M.Wright), Silver Foxx (= Tallie Cochrane), Georgina Spelvin, Uncle Tom, Five Fingers Eddie, San Clemente Richard, Helen Lang

6.) Tarzan and his Mate / Tarzans Vergeltung, USA 1934, directed by Cedric Gibbons, Jack Conway, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Neil Hamilton, Paul Cavanaugh, Nathan Curry, Desmond Roberts, Forrester Harvey, Everett Brown, William Stack, & as gorilla Ray Corrigan (= Ray 'Crash' Corrigan)

7.) Tarzan and the Amazons, USA 1945, directed by Kurt Neumann, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Henry Stephenson, Maria Ouspenskaya, Barton MacLane, Donald Douglas, Steven Geray, J.M.Kerrigan, Shirley O'Hara, Frederic Brunn, Frank Darien, Christine Forsyth, Lionel Royce

8.) Tarzan and the Golden Lion, USA 1927, directed by J.P. McGowan, starring James Pierce, Frederick Peters, Edna Murphy, Harold Goodwin, Dorothy Dunbar, D'Arcy Corrigan, Boris Karloff, Robert Bolder

9.) Tarzan and the Huntress, USA 1947, directed by Kurt Neumann, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Patricia Morison, Barton MacLane, John Warburton, Charles Trowbridge, Ted Hecht, Wallace Scott, Maurice Tauzin, Mickey Simpson, Georges Renavent

10.) Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, USA 1946, directed by Kurt Neumann, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Acquanetta, Edgar Barrier, Dennis Hoey, Tommy Cook, Anthony Caruso, King Kong Kashey, Doris Lloyd, Iris Flores, Lilian Molieri, Kay Solinas, Helen Gerald

11.) Tarzan and the Lost Safari, UK 1957, directed by H.Bruce Humberstone, starring Gordon Scott, Robert Beatty, Yolande Donlan, Betta St. John, Wilfrid Hyde-White, George Coulouris, Peter Arne, Orlando Martins

12.) Tarzan and the Mermaids, USA 1948, directed by Robert Florey, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Linda Christian, George Zucco, Fernando Wagner, John Laurenz, Edward Ashley, Gustav Rojo, Matthew Boulton, Andrea Palma

13.) Tarzan and the She-Devil, USA 1953, directed by Kurt Neumann, starring Lex Barker, Joyce MacKenzie, Raymond Burr, Monique van Vooren, Tom Conway, Michael Granger, Henry Brandon, Robert Bice, Michael Ross, Lee Miller, Fred Aldrich, Ted Hecht, Ethan Laidlaw

14.) Tarzan and the Slave Girl / Tarzan and the Jungle Queen, USA 1950, directed by Lee Sholem, starring Lex Barker, Vanessa Brown, Robert Alda, Arthur Shields, Anthony Caruso, Hurd Hatfield, Denise Darcel, Robert Warwick, Tom Hernández, Mary Ellen Kay, Sheldon Jett, Satini Pualoa, Tito Renaldo, Freddy Ridgeway, Shirley Ballard, Rosemary Bertrand, Gwen Caldwell, Martha Clemons, Mona Knox, Trevor Bardette

15.) Tarzan and the Trappers, USA 1958, directed by Charles F. Haas, Sandy Howard, starring Gordon Scott, Eve Brent, Rickie Sorensen, Leslie Bradley, Maurice Marsac, Sol Gorss, William Keene, Scatman Crothers (as Sherman Crothers), Madame Sul-Te-Wan, Bruce Lester, Naaman Brown, Paul Thompson, Carl Christian, Paul Stader, Don Blackman

16.) Tarzán en la Gruta del Oro / Zan, King of the Jungle / Zan, Re della Giungla / King of the Jungle / Tarzan in the Golden Grotto, Spain/Italy/Puerto Rico 1969, directed by Manuel Cano, starring Steve Hawkes, Kitty Swan, Krista Nell (as Doris Cristanel), Ugo Sasso, Jesús Puente, Fernando Sancho, Raf Baldassarre, Antonio Casas, Carlos Badia, Joan Koplan

17.) Tarzán en las Minas del Rey Salomón / Tarzan in King Solomon's Mines, Spain 1973, directed by José Luis Merino, starring David Carpenter, Nadiuska, Paul Naschy, Alibe, Sergio Alberti, written by José Luis Merino, Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, music by José Luis Navarro

18.) Tarzan Escapes / Tarzans Rache, USA 1936, directed by Richard Thorpe, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Buckler, Benita Hume, William Henry, Herbert Mundin, Darby Jones, E.E. Clive

19.) Tarzan Finds a Son! / Tarzan und sein Sohn, USA 1939, directed by Richard Thorpe, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Johnny Sheffield, Ian Hunter, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Henry Wilcoxon, Laraine Day, Morton Lowry

20.) Tarzan, il Figlio de la Jungla / Jungle Heat / Tarzan X: Shame of Jane / Tarzhard, Italy 1994, directed by Joe D'Amato (= Aristide Massaccesi), starring Rocco Siffredi, Rosa Caracciolo, Nikita, Attila Schulter, Swetta Silvestru, Cintya Raffaell, Barbara Dobson, Zotan Kabay, Tao, John Rensen, Regina Sipos

21.) Tarzan Istanbul'da / Tarzan in Istanbul, Turkey 1952, directed by Orhan Atadeniz, starring Tamer Balci, Hayri Esen, Necla Aygül, Aziz Basmaci, Cemil Demiral, Ziya Aygen, Sadullah Enuysal, Yasar Izgi, Ismail Kara, Hayri Kuloglu, Nejat Özer, Cetin Savas, Selahaddin Topdag, Kemalettin Yönalp, Kunt Tulgar

22.) Tarzan of the Apes, USA 1918, directed by Scott Sidney, starring Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, True Boardman, Kathleen Kirkham, George B.French, Gordon Griffith, Colin Kenny, Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Toner, Jack Wilson, Louis Morrison, Eugene Pallette, Fred L.Wilson

23.) Tarzan - Pilot / episode 1.1, USA 2003, directed by David Nutter, starring Travis Fimmel, Sarah Wayne Callies, Miguel A. Núnez jr, Leighton Meester, Mitch Pileggi, Johnny Messner, Garry Chalk, Kevin Durand, Fulvio Cecere, Douglas O'Keeffe, Launey Walter (as Launey Trask), Dan Zukovic


24.) Tarzan the Ape Man / Tarzan der Affenmensch, USA 1932, directed by W.S.Van Dyke, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Neil Hamilton, C.Aubrey Smith, Doris Lloyd, Forrester Harvey, Ivory Williams

25.) Tarzan, the Ape Man, USA 1959, directed by Joseph M. Newman, starring Denny Miller, Cesare Danova, Joanna Barnes, Robert Douglas, Thomas Yangha, Leon Anderson

26.) Tarzan the Ape Man / Tarzan, Herr des Urwalds, USA 1981, directed by John Derek, starring Bo Derek, Richard Harris, John Phillip Law, Miles O'Keeffe, Akushula Selayah, Steve Strong, Maxime Philoe, Leonard Bailey, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Laurie Main, Harold Ayer

27.) Tarzan the Fearless, USA 1933, directed by Robert F. Hill, starring Buster Crabbe (= Larry Crabbe), Jacqueline Wells (= Julie Bishop), Edward Woods, E.Allyn Warren, Philo McCullough, Mathew Betz, Frank Lackteen, Mischa Auer, Carlotta Monti, Symonia Boniface, Philip Sleeman, Ivory Williams, Everett Brown, Darby Jones, Al Kikume, George DeNormand


28.) Tarzan the Magnificent, UK 1960, directed by Robert Day, starring Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, Betta St.John, John Carradine, Lionel Jeffries, Alexandra Stewart, Earl Cameron, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Al Mulock, Gary Cockrell, Ron MacDonnell, Harry Baird, Christopher Carlos, John Sullivan, Ewen Solon, Jacqueline Evans, Tommy Duggan, Peter Howell, John Harrison, George Taylor

29.) Tarzan the Tiger, USA 1929, directed by Henry MacRae, starring Frank Merrill, Natalie Kingston, Al Ferguson, Kithnou, Sheldon Lewis, Paul Panzer, Clive Morgan, written by William Lord Wright (supervisor), Ian McClosky Heath (continuity), Ford L. Beebe (titles), based on the novel Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by Edgar Rice Burroughs


30.) Tarzan - Tiger Tiger / episode 2.1, USA 1967, directed by Harmon Jones, starring Ron Ely, James Whitmore, Oscar Beregi jr, Michael Pate, Anne Jeffreys, Manuel Padilla jr, Howard Morris


31.) Tarzan Triumphs, USA 1943, directed by William Thiele, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Johnny Sheffield, Frances Gifford, Stanley Ridges, Sig Ruman, Philip Van Zandt, Rex Williams, Pedro de Cordoba, Wilhelm von Brincken, Sven Hugo Borg, Stanley Brown, Otto Reichow

32.) Tarzan's Desert Mystery, USA 1943, directed by William Thiele, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Nancy Kelly, Johnny Sheffield, Otto Kruger, Joe Sawyer, Lloyd Corrigan, Robert Lowery, Frank Puglia, Philip Van Zandt, Bobby Barber, Frank Faylen, George J.Lewis, Nestor Paiva, John Berkes

33.) Tarzan's Fight for Life, UK 1958, directed by H. Bruce Humberstone, starring Gordon Scott, Eve Brent, Rickie Sorensen, Jil Jarmyn, James Edwards, Carl Benton Reid, Harry Lauter, Woody Strode, Nick Stewart, Roy Glenn, Milton Wood

34.) Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, UK 1959, directed by John Guillermin, starring Gordon Scott, Anthony Quayle, Sara Shane, Niall MacGinnis, Sean Connery, Al Mulock, Scilla Gabel

35.) Tarzan's Hidden Jungle, USA 1955, directed by Harold D. Schuster, starring Gordon Scott, Vera Miles, Peter van Eyck, Jack Elam, Charles E.Fredericks, Richard Reeves, Rex Ingram, Jester Hairston, Don Beddoe, Ike Jones, Maidie Norman

36.) Tarzan's Magic Fountain, USA 1949, directed by Lee Sholem, starring Lex Barker, Brenda Joyce, Albert Dekker, Evelyn Ankers, Charles Drake, Alan Napier, Ted Hecht, Henry Brandon, Henry Kulky, Rory Mallinson, Elmo Lincoln, David Bond, Rick Vallin, Suzanne Ridgeway, Blue Washington

37.) Tarzan's New York Adventure / Tarzans Abenteuer in New York, USA 1942, directed by Richard Thorpe, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Johnny Sheffield, Charles Bickford, Paul Kelly, Chill Wills, Cy Kendall, Russell Hicks, Virginia Grey, Mantan Moreland, Howard C. Hickman, Charles Lane, Miles Mander

38.) Tarzan's Peril / Tarzan's Mate in Peril / Tarzan and the Jungle Queen, USA 1951, directed by Byron Haskin, starring Lex Barker, Virginia Huston, George Macready, Douglas Fowley, Glenn Anders, Alan Napier, Edward Ashley, Dorothy Dandridge, Walter Kingsford, Frederick O'Neal, Wesley Gale, James Moultrie, Buster Cooke, Bruce Lester, Frances Driver, Milton Wood, Joel Fluellen, Stanley Logan, Davis Roberts, Martin Wilkins, Jamel Frazier, Maxie Thrower, William Washington

39.) Tarzan's Revenge, USA 1938, directed by D. Ross Lederman, starring Glenn Morris, Eleanor Holm, George Barbier, C.Henry Gordon, Joe Sawyer, George Meeker, Hedda Hopper, Corbet Morris, John Lester Johnson, Frederick Clarke, Bill Elliott (as Gordon Elliott)

40.) Tarzan's Savage Fury / Tarzan, the Hunted, USA 1952, directed by Cy Endfield, starring Lex Barker, Dorothy Hart, Patric Knowles, Charles Korvin, Tommy Carlton, Peter Mamakos, Bill Walker

41.) Tarzan's Secret Trasure / Tarzans Geheimer Schatz, USA 1941, directed by Richard Thorpe, starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Johnny Sheffield, Reginald Owen, Tom Conway, Philip Dorn, Barry Fitzgerald, Cordell Hickman

42.) Tarzun and the Valley of Lust, USA 1970, directed by W.P. Mogul, starring Duane Prodd, Chris Robin, Deedee, Al Martin

43.) Toofani Tarzan, India 1934, directed by Homi Wadia, starring John Cawas, Gulshan, Boman Shroff, Nazira, Chandra Shekhar, Dalpat, Bandal, Ahmed Dilavar

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