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An Interview with Villain, Head of Superheroines' Demise

by Mike Haberfelner

July 2010

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Your website is called Superheroines' Demise. In a few words, what is it all about, and where did the idea of Superheroine's Demise first come from?


It's about showing the tables turned on superheroines. In the comics, most supervillains are criminally insane. We grew up watching Cesar Romero as the Joker capture Yvonne Craig - as Batgirl - on TV - and then strap her helplessly to some explosive device, explain his plot to rob Gotham City's banks and then say "sorry, I can't stick around to see you go boom." Come on - what would a real criminally insane mastermind do? He'd at least unmask her, right? And in reality - he'd go much further. That's pretty much what we do. Growing up reading comics where the heroines wore teasingly alluring skin tight suits to go out and fight crime and uphold truth, justice and the American way - all the while maintaining a virtuous identity - it was quite a tease. If you are so virtuous, why are you wearing star spangled blue panties, a red bustierre with your overly giant boobs hanging out and high heeled red "f" me boots? Why? So - we do what any red blooded fanboy who was been taunted by these hypocritical heroines would, and that's bring what you really want to see to life.


Some of your favourite heroines on Superheroines' Demise?


Probably Power Woman - but I really love them all. They come right out of my fantasies and onto the website.


Some of the heroines on Superheroines' Demise show a strong resemblance to already existing comicbook characters. Did you ever get into any legal problems because of that?


We've been doing this for 12 years and have shot hundreds of models and hundreds of costumes so eventually, there are going to be some likenesses. There are only so many colors.


The costumes on Superheroines' Demise look pretty amazing. Where do you get them from, and how big is your personal input regarding the actual designs?


We make some and have some made by a private costumer. We design each suit and give exact specification to the costumer.


As far as I know, you have started your site only making photo comics. When did you add videos, and why?


We added video about a year after starting the site and every video we've ever made is still up on the site - so you get all 12 years worth of stuff. I wanted to concentrate on photos though, initially because most people were using dial-up at that time and it wasn't realistic to make quality videos.


Could you talk about some of the regular models on Superheroines' Demise, and some of your favourites?


My favorite models are the ones who were fun to work with - like Erin Davis, Chloe James, Shana Jolie and Lauren Michelle.


Many of the shoots on Superheroines' Demise do involve nudity and/or humiliating/sexual situations. Did any of your models ever have a problem with certain aspects of a shoot?


Our models get all scripts emailed to them before they show up for the shoot. With that said, none have said no yet.


How far do you go on your site in terms of sexual explicitness, and which are lines you simply do not cross?


It has a lot to do with the model's parameters and comfort levels. We don't do any straight up full nude sex stuff. We like to keep costumes on or rip them almost completely off then continue with the fun. Once a costume is completely off, I find it's just like a normal girl and you lose that whole superheroine thing - so we try to keep some clothing on - albeit strategically placed or misplaced.


How do you come up with all the ideas for your site considering you are doing an update every week, and are you personally involved with every shoot on your site?


Some ideas are sent in, some I come up with on spot, but most I script out before a shoot - taking in mind what the model is comfortable with and going as far to humiliate the superheroine as possible. We like total and utter humiliation. When did you ever get to see Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman humiliated? Never. Think of all the crazy things you've had happen to her in your mind. That's where we come in. We recently had a story done where the model dressed as Shebat was tied up in a prison cell and left in front of a video camera for a whole week - not ever allowed to use the restroom. Now - you've seen things like this in comics and whatnot, but they don't address the practical issues like - when and where and how does she go to the bathroom. So, we show you the ultimate humiliation. Shebat, tied up and defeated in her skin tight spandex suit, begs the villains (who are assumed to be either gone or in some hidden room watching) to let her use the ladies room. They don't and after a week, she can no longer hold it. She struggles but eventually loses the battle and has a super accident. The site of seeing the mighty superheroine pee down her leg is shocking, humiliating and what would have happened in that situation.


Some of your favourite shoots?


Any shoot with Chloe James or Erin Davis.


Superheroine-fantasies you couldn't put on photo or film (yet) for whatever reason?


It's all about humiliation in the worst way and approaching taboos to achieve that, so butt play is explored quite a bit in our themes but never full on right in your face butt sex. A lot of implied and angles used to achieve that.  I'm not into the peeing or pooping thing, but that's pretty humiliating too. We did one shoot where Shana Jolie was tied behind Lauren Michelle's incredible ass - who's character had been injected with some sort of toxin which gave her incredible gas. She could not help but to fart all over the bound Shana Jolie's character and eventually Shana passes out and so does Lauren. That got a lot of feedback. I think if a heroine was tied up and given an enema it would be about as humiliating as it gets. Imagine if Helen Slater as Supergirl crapped herself. Pretty shocking.


Ever thought of making a feature length superheroine flick or something in serialized form with a continuing narrative?


Definitely. We've gone as far as 30 minutes - but until I can find a model who can act really well I'm not going to try it.


Browsing through your site, one can't help but notice strong comicbook elements (not only in terms of subject). What can you tell us about your love for the medium?


It just goes hand with fist in terms of the subject matter. Lately, I've stopped using as many graphics because I feel that it isn't necessary to have a "POW" word superimposed on a photo of a superheroine punching or getting punched. It even distracts or cheeses it up a bit so I'm letting the photos do the work. As far as comics themselves, I'm a fan but not a hardcore fan. I love the artwork but never pay as much attention to the writing. Our site is for people who are into seeing superheroines in peril, or people who have a spandex fetish or other related fetish. Our site is not for hardcore comic book fans. We had an exhibit at Comic Con back in 2001 and it was a disaster. Those guys were not the ones signing up to see our stuff.


Have you ever been involved with the creation of an actual comicbook yourself?




Any influences on your site apart from comicbooks?


Many of the 70's shows like Batman starring Adam West and Yvonne Craig - and Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter - plus the Isis show and even Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.


Your favourite comicbooks/comicbook characters?


Powergirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Dazzler, Spider-girl, on and on. I especially like DC female characters - Silver Age in particular.


Lots of comicbooks have been adapted for the big or small screen in recent years, some even featuring superheroines. What's your opinion about recent comicbook adaptations as a whole, some you particularly liked or disliked, and what are you think are the advantages and dangers concerning putting drawn panels onto film?


A lot of people in our little fetish community - that is the superheroine in peril and spandex communities - always hope the films will achieve that titillating result that dances around in our heads but they rarely do. In order to pull a feature out these days and make it succesful, you really have to use the rubber suits that we see on most characters. That makes for a result that will make mainstream fans less uncomfortable and make them take it more serious. Imagine if Batman was wearing what Adam West wore. Or worse - Robin? Nobody is going to see a teenager wearing green panties and pantyhose fight crime for 15 bucks a ticket. Give him a bulky latex suit and it's another story. Even take Spiderman, for instance - where Spidey is wearing some kind of spandex suit - notice the camera angles and lighting - they never show his junk lit up. Always CGI or a dark shadow covering him. It just makes it uncomfortable for most people. As movies, though - I like most of them. As far as them achieving some kind of stimulating result in terms of "wow, a superheroine in a major motion picture," nope. My favorite superhero big screen movie is Mystery Men with Ben Stiller.


Comicbook legend George Perez has drawn a bunch of pictures for your site. A few words about the man for the readers here who are not well-versed in comicbooks, and how did your collaboration come about?


George contacted me almost immediately as soon as my site launched. It used to be a crappy free aol site back in 1997 until we went larger. At that time, there was only one other site that seemed to be doing what we did - and that site had only 1 photo shoot without captions or writing and didn't update, ever. I think it was an Adult Check Gold site where we were a private pay site that updated once a week.


Your favourite comicbook artists?


George Perez, Rifferus, and Jim Lee. Jim Lee can really draw a superheroine.


Any future projects (besides continuing doing Superheroines' Demise) you'd like to talk about?


We have a clips site now where we are cranking out a few videos a week in the 5-20 minute long range. I'd like to do more outdoor stuff and would love to shoot and Aqua Girl type movie - utilizing an on location tropical setting and actual in the water scenes, but I try to do what we can do and don't do what we can't. I haven't been able to make nor have I seen anyone on this level, make a flight scene that didn't look cheesy so we don't try that.


Your website, MySpace, Facebook, whatever else? 


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Since this is primarily a filmsite, your favourite movies?


Anything John Hughes did. Jaws is my all time favorite movie. Peter Benchley was a good friend of mine. And anything that Stiller, Favreau, or Ferrell do, I'm on board. Laughter is good medicine. I don't take myself too seriously and those guys make me feel like they don't either - well maybe Favreau does but I still dig his stuff.


And of course, some films you really deplored?


I haven't seen a movie I didn't like in a long time. I don't have time for chick flicks, long dramas, scifi stuff, or even thrillers at this point. All I really go for are comedies right now. I'm sure that won't hold a lot of water for a film site like yours but last Friday I rented Hot Tub Time Machine (loved it) and then Couple's Retreat on Saturday and enjoyed it for what it was.


Anything else you are dying to mention and I have merely forgotten to ask?


I hate that I'm getting old and don't know who any of the musical guests or many of the guest hosts on SNL are anymore, on the other hand, I just don't know if I'm really missing out on any of their stuff - based on what I've seen. Love SNL though.


Thanks for the interview!




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