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article: An Interview with Angie Bates, Star of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2012

article: An Interview with Seth Breedlove, Director of On the Trail of Bigfoot, by Mike Haberfelner, May 2019

article: An Interview with William Burke, Director of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2012

article: An Interview with Christopher Flowers, Co-Director and Star of Uwharrie, by Mike Haberfelner, January 2013

article: An Interview with Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Star of Valley of the Sasquatch, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2015

article: An Interview with Rolfe Kanefsky, Director of Megafoot, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2014

article: An Interview with Jerry Landi, Director of Bronx Bigfoot, by Mike Haberfelner, June 2016

article: An Interview with Tyler Meyer, Director of The Legend of Grassman, by Mike Haberfelner, October 2011

article: An Interview with Jonathan Moody, Director of Sasquatch vs. Yeti, by Mike Haberfelner, May 2013

article: An Interview with Jeff Murray, Director of Bigfoot's Wild Weekend, by Mike Haberfelner, June 2012

article: An Interview with Albina Nahar, Star of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2012

article: An Interview with John Portanova, Director of Valley of the Sasquatch a.k.a. Hunting Grounds, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2015

article: An Interview with David Saucedo, Star of Valley of the Sasquatch, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2015

article: An Interview with Jack Skyyler, Producer & (co-)Director of Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot, Night aboard the Salem, Isabel: a Love Story, by Mike Haberfelner, June 2013

article: An Interview with Wes Sullivan, Director of Nightbeasts, by Mike Haberfelner, October 2013

article: An Interview with Jason Vail, Star of Valley of the Sasquatch, by Mike Haberfelner, March 2015

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1.) The Beauties and the Beast, USA 1974, directed by Ray Nadeau, starring Jean Gibson (= Jacqueline Giroux), Uschi Digard, Marius Mazmanian, Bob Makay, Patrick Scott, David Wheeler, Susan Wescott, John Shell, Carol Evins, Sandy Carey, Sharon Kelly (= Colleen Brennan), Tami Lynn, Beverly Wallace, Paul Kalin, Charles David, Brian Jacobs, Tracy Handfuss, Philip Luther

2.) Big Blue: A Fishy Tale, USA 1998, directed by Kris Hallesy, Matthew Aird, starring Verne Graham, Matthew Aird, Dawn Swanson, David Morgan-Shaw, Josie Lenk, Tiffini Thompson, Nevada Williams, Johnny Poole, Kris Hallesy, Brandee Krumbah, Ben Steveson, Johnny Poole, Tim Littlefield, Patrick Mandl, Janene Waters, Sonja Ashcaft, Traci McCoy, Raquel Chase, Kristen Frafjord, Jimmy St Bitchin

3.) Bigfoot's Wild Weekend, USA 2012, directed by Jeff Murray, starring David Novak, Chase Carter, Nikki Parsneau, Ronald Dean Blackwell, Coty Shane Tate, Kim Liacono, D.T. Carney, Tyler Smith, Bree Stephens, Jack Bradford, Jeslen Michelle Saenz, Aja Chachanhsy, Joe Kelarjian, Troy Fidis, Jessie Kirk, Earl S. Johnson, Duane Mapson, Willy Ortlieb, Michael G. Brewington, Amanda Smith, Manjit Batth, Nickolas Murray, Laura Remington Jacob, Adrian Jilote, Aurello Jilote, Jennifer Parker, Dolores Torres, Doug Nelson, Dave Evert, Rachel Kinghorn, Aviva Kirsten, Amber Smiley, Colleen Claire, Don York, B.Charles Barela, Doug Higley, Chris Moore, Roger 'Ricochet' Murray, Morgan John Smith, Christian Murray, Katie Lipsey, Jason Caplinger, Leah Baize, Ashton DeHart, Crystal Lachawicz, Kimberlee Burns, Gabrielle Hernandez, Gage Pasley, Lily Pasley, Kyla Murray, Crysta Murray, Sunny Abarbanell, Natalee Castonguay, Tyler Castonguay

4.) Black Water Creek: Legend of Sasquatch, USA 2013, directed by Marshall Ever, Jon Firman, starring Nelson Irizarry, Telana Jackson, Jonathon Ruckman, Mark Shell, Jacob Le Doux, Chad Pettit, Brian E. Shell, Sabree Anderson, Larysa Shell, Kristine Shell, Rodney Bulls, S. Jamie Snider, Jon Firman, Patrick Michael Strange, Joanne Wurm, Jacob Southwick, Alvin Gray, Caleb J. Jackson, Bernard Lesane, Sharin Nelson, Darlene Shell, Brandy Roudabough, Eugene Shell

5.) Boggy Creek Monster, USA 2016, directed by Seth Breedlove, starring Lyle Blackburn

6.) Fear the Forest, USA 2009, directed by Matthew Bora, starring Anna Kendrick, Matthew Bora, Jared Michalski, Elana Safar, Stephen Sherman, Alan Schilling, Bill Kalatsky, Don Evans, Kevin F. Barrett, Vera Vanguard, Broadway Bill Lee, Joe Causi, Valerie Palma, Joseph Leone, Wendy Baron, Adam Laudicina, Steve Beck, Richard Score, Fernando Aleitte, Alev Dinc, Ferzan Saygin, Heather McAllister, Alex Valez, Keghan Hurst, Clay Campbell

7.) The Fiancé, USA 2016, directed by Mark Allen Michaels, starring Carrie Keagan, Dallas Valdez, Douglas Tait, Curt Lambert, Kip Kincaid, Michael Wood, Seamus Cattaneo, Mattison Walker, Larz Yungbliut, Michael Coleman, Ed Morrell, Robert Acres, Aaron Kai, Joseph Whittemore, Alison Roedel, Jake Wagner, Isaiah Waldron, Tony Snegoff, Beto Araiza, Danni Lang, Stephan Colson, Christopher Brown, Shy Vaughn, Staci Layne Wilson, Kate Rees Davies, Sharon Quzintana, Michelle Sfarzo

8.) The Geek, USA 1971, starring Mycle Brandy, Lynn Holmes

9.) Night Claws, USA 2012, directed by David A. Prior, starring Reb Brown, Leilani Sarelle, Ted Prior, Sherrie Rose, David Campbell, Frank Stallone, Tara Kleinpeter, Alissa Koenig, Art James, Edward Saint Pe, Candace Weber, Tracy Miller, Garrett Hines, Chelsea Rowland, A.Wade Miller, Patrick Raley, John DeLong, Milorad Djomlija, Al Cheatam, Kara Riann Brown, Ryan Patrick Williams, John Graham, Bennett Wayne Dean sr, Barrett Kiick, Jaclynn Stover, Ryan Blake George, and as the creature: Bruce Larsen

10.) Nightbeasts, USA 2010, directed by Wes Sullivan, starring Zach Galligan, Apesanahkwat, Audra Wise, Robert Miano, Sonny Skyhawk, Billy Daydodge, Donn Angelos, Holly Wilson, Patty Toy, Chad Trager, Kevin Glashan, Lloyd Kaufman

11.) On the Trail of Bigfoot, USA 2019, directed by Seth Breedlove, starring Seth Breedlove, Mark Matzke, Loren Coleman, Peter von Puttkamer, Kathy Moskowitz Strain, David Floyd, Robert Robinson, Marc Myrsell, Shane Corson, Derek Randles, Brian Brown, Daryl Colyer, Bob Strain, Stan Gordon, Don Keating, Adam Duggan, Shannon Legro, Eric Altman, Mike Miller, Mike Feltner, Barbara Galloway-Mudrak, Bigfoot played by Ken Rose, written by Seth Breedlove, music by Brandon Dalo, Bigfoot-suit designed by Collier Wilmes, illustrations by Brandon Scalf


12.) Sasquatch Assault, USA 2009, directed by Andrew Gernhard, starring Kevin Shea, Greg Nutcher, Sarah J.Ahearn, Cristina Santiago, Andrea Sáenz, Alex Exum, Hank Torrance, Jason Criscoulo, Cuyle Carvin, Shawn C.Phillips, M. Kelley, Michael Wrann, Sari Gagnon, Paul Melluzzo, J.Matthew Root, Kerry McGann, Leo Petry, John Randall

13.) Sasq-Watch!, USA 2016, directed by Drew Hall, starring Paul Brittain, Adam Herschman, Christine Bently, Neil Flynn, Tim Meadows, Dean J. West, Sherri Eakin, John McConnell, Chip Carriere, Tony Sanford, Boogie Dabney, Brody Rose, L.J. Ruth, Ryan Jetten, Tony Bentley, Robert Larriviere, Angie Slaughter, Casey Myers

14.) Search for the Beast, USA 1997, directed by Rick Montana, starring Rick Montana, Steven Steele, Holli Day, David F. Friedman, Jeffrey Pierce, Stupid D.Klown, Tweetie, Michelle Hines, Richard Arledge, Ronnie Hodge, Steve Bringhurst, Annalise Pierce

15.) Stomping Ground, USA 2014, directed by Dan Riesser, starring John Bobek, Tarah DeSpain, Jeramy Blackford, Justin Giddings, Theresa Tilly, Huntington Daly, Sarah Simmons Turner, Michael Lee Kimel, Thad Bateman, Gabe Wood, Joseph Allen Cavin, and Kurt Carley as Bigfoot

16.) Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, Canada 2012, directed by William Burke, starring Angie Bates, Albina Nahar (= Albina Hussain), Heather O'Donnell, Michael Slade, Lynzey Patterson, Luke Gallo, Daniel Moshe Johnson, Bianca Gross, Sofia Stefou, Cornelius Betts

17.) Uwharrie, USA 2012, directed by Michael Mercer, Christopher Flowers, starring Christopher Flowers, Michael Mercer, C.A. Daniels, Danny Stiling, Jennifer Greenawalt, Matthew Cole, Daren Horne, Brandon Estes


18.) Valley of the Sasquatch / Hunting Grounds, USA 2015, directed by John Portanova, starring Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Jason Vail, Bill Oberst jr, David Saucedo, D'Angelo Midili, Jordan Neslund, Connor Conrad

19.) Willow Creek, USA 2013, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, starring Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson

20.) A Wish for Giants, USA 2018, directed by Don Swanson, starring Naysa Altmeyer, Alexa Mechling, Connor McClain, J.P. Edwards, Jerry Pietrala, Joe Fishel, Joe Dedon, A.J. Dunbar, Kennedy Garvin, Amber Gonzales, Alexandria Sertik, Monica Sertik, Bill Rush, Tony Gonzales, Todd Johns, Stan Gordon, Aaron Dunbar, Tim Ash, Anastassia Ash, Nicole Stewart, Kerri Neiswonger, John Beckett, Vee Russell, Amanda Corbin, Joan Moore, Kayla O'Neill, Lindsey Merlock, Nancy Isenberg, Hayley Woodside, Joey Crissman, Carmen Bills, Kayla Hileman, Jacob Klingensmith, Heath Dunnet, Hannah Walleck

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