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An Interview with Devanny Pinn, Scream Queen

by Mike Haberfelner

January 2010

Films starring Devanny Pinn on (re)Search my Trash


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First of all, could you introduce yourself to those who don't already know you?


Hello all of you dumpster divers! Congrats you have run into my trash, I am a scream queen in the B-genre of horror films. I wear alot of makeup, sparkly things, and severed human remains... but only after labor day.


At the moment, you have an amazing number of upcoming films (and many of them have terrific titles). What can you tell us about Scream Queen Campfire?


Thank you! I am big on marketing, so something that really can sell me on a project is the title.

Scream Queen Campfire is an anthology series about a bunch of girls on their way to a horror convention when their car breaks down. Since of course they are in the middle of nowhere they set up camp and decide to tell scary stories to pass the time. Each story they tell is a short film starring a scream queen. This project has been getting a lot of attention, I think Jon Moody really had a great idea with this one. So far Rachel Grubb, Tara Cardinal [Tara Cardinal interview - click here], Scarlet Salem and myself have been cast. Rachel and I have already shot most of our films, she is what really moved me to come on board. I enjoy working with her.


Another great title is Nude Nuns with Big Guns. A few words about that one?


Yah, this is another film I thought the title was hilarious. When i read the breakdowns during casting i decided it was not quite the right material for me. But they called me about 1/2 way through filming with a guest role so i came out to make a little cameo in it. It is a 70's style grindhouse film, so that was kind different from what I have done in the past. The cast and crew were really cool people to work with and I had been wanting to team up ever since hearing about their first film Run Bitch Run. Nude Nuns should be hitting festivals and limited theaters later this year.


You also were in Creep Creepersin's Orgy of Blood and the wonderfully titled Ding Dong Dead, and will be in the Final Girl movies [Creep Creepersin interview - click here]. What can you tell us about those?


Orgy of Blood was a sexy vampire film that was doing reshoots right when I met Creep Creepersin. He invited me to be part of it and gave me a little scene in the beginning of the film. If you're into blood, insane amounts of nudity, sex and maybe a hint of a plot followed by more sex then it's going to be your favorite film.


Ding Dong Dead

Ding Dong Dead is a PG13 style flick which was orginally made with the intention of a television market. I can't say it's my favorite, I enjoy a lot more gore and extreme material in my films. But it was a fun learning experience and at least I finally have something I can show my younger brothers. It is about a group of teen girls who ding dong ditch people in their neighborhood. When one of their victims has had enough they find themselves on the other end of the game.


The Final Girl film is the first of a trilogy that is still currently in pre-production. It is one of my favorite scripts I've read this year and I really like my character Lori Keena. The films touch on some of the basic principals found in horror films so I really am looking forward to being involved in it. More on that when production starts.


The Los Angeles Ripper

Could you talk about Craig McIntyre's The Los Angeles Ripper for a bit [Craig McIntyre interview - click here]?


Honestly, I am probably going to lose a lot of credibility for this film because it has no budget and at first glance is going to look very amateur. However, I am very  proud of this film. I learned a lot on this set because it was a different style of filmmaking than I have really experienced. This is an art film. The camera angles, the colors used, the free flowing of the script and the violence in it is what the filmmaker Craig McIntyre is demonstrating as horror art and expression in the making. The set of my torture scene is going to be put on display in a museum setting. I am looking forward to the premiere.


You are also in Return to Yucca Flats: Desert Man Beast ...


Yah, this film might get removed from my resume haha. I filmed it over 3 years ago right around the time of my first film The Lonely Ones. I went out to meet the director because a mutual friend was in this and it was kind of a mess. They still have it being listed as in post production. It really irritates me when filmmakers just sit on a project.


You have a small role in Piranha 3D. A few words about the movie, and how does work in a decently budgeted movie like that one differ from low budget, independend productions?


I have been getting this question a lot. Doing large studio pictures was not really my interest, but just like many of you out there, I was curious about the difference between my little indie films and what you can get for 30 million dollars. The simple answer is everything is bigger. Sets, stunts, actor names, special effects, paychecks - it's all just bigger. Everything runs like clockwork too, its 12 hour days with a huge crew managing a cast of almost 1000. At the end of the day it is a bunch of people making a horror movie. I even heard rumors about running low on funds so the studios face many of the same problems that we do and it is a lot of the same elements. One big difference I noticed, and the reason I target indie projects is because everyone on set was clear on the fact that they were only there for a paycheck. Indie sets, especially indie horror sets, are full of passion, drive and the love of creating something great. Of course I have a huge crush on Alex Aja, so sitting a few feet from him for 2 weeks straight helped to make up for that.


And then there's of course Legend of the Red Reaper ...


Oh Legend of the Red Reaper, this is not my film it's Tara Cardinal's film [Tara Cardinal interview - click here]. But I am almost as proud of it as I am of some of my big upcoming works. Tara is a dear friend and partner-in-horror-crime. I have watched her work her ass off to put this together and it is turning out amazing. I was originally cast in a role that was opening the film but due to other movie commitments I was not able to shoot during the time those scenes were filming. She has written me a new scene with another favorite of mine, Lloyd Kaufman. Deedee Bigalow and Florida's diva Babette Bombshell will be in there as well. It will be a little Troma tribute in the middle of a fantasy action film, and the scene is really funny. I think the fans are going to like it.


Devanny Pinn and Tara Cardinal

With Tara Cardinal [Tara Cardinal interview - click here], star, producer and co-writer of Legend of the Red Reaper, you also do a web-show, Scream Queens Uncut. Could you please tell us what this show is about?


Certainly. Scream Queens: Uncut is a talkshow that is hosted by Tara and I for the horror world and beyond. It is in the same realm as The View or the Tyra Banks Show. We noticed that fans kept wanting to know about our world because frankly when you are a scream queen even day to day life is different from other people. So the show is dealing with real issues and topics from the perspective of horror girls. To give you a taste, some of the segment topics are The Casting Couch: Hollywood Prostitution, Real Life Horror: Stories and Survivors of Trauma, Fantasy in Reality: Lifestyle Vampires, Witches and other Alternative Living, and One Day on Death Row.

The show will feature everything from celebrity guests and interviews, film reviews, event coverage, and musical performances. We are very excited about the progress it has been making.


Are there any other current or upcoming projects you'd like to talk about?


We are gearing up for February as it is Women in Horror Month. I, along with several other ladies in horror, will be showing our support with a variety of events. Coming up is the Bleed for Women in Horror Blood Drive. Most of the locations are in Canada, but we are working to bring many more to the States. I personally will be assisting with the Los Angeles Blood Drive so if you are in the area please come by to donate. Also during the month of February you can vote for the Women in Horror Awards! Tara Cardinal and myself will be hosting the awards show so be sure to check it out.


Let's leave the future behind for the moment and move forward into the past. What got you into acting in the first place, and did you ever have any formal acting training?


Um...ahem... no. I suppose you could technically count my musical theater background, but i don't because it is a completely different type of acting. However I study my craft. I watch horror films and the actors in them with great detail and have formed my style based on what I find to be the best performances. It is probably for this reason that I am not a brilliant improv actor, however when I have time to develop my character then I can steal the show. I am very blessed that I have been given amazing support from critics and fans for my performances. I get complimented often for my very real, very scary deliveries. I prefer to study people, not techniques, and I think that is why I have been given as much favor as I have. Acting in horror is hard, and a lot of trained actors do not know how to prepare for it. This is why many times mainstream actors do not act well in a scary movie, because their classes can not prep them and they are so used to cookie cutter methods that they end up lost or looking very rehearsed. Basically, I am not going to appear on Gossip Girl, so do not try to dodge the chainsaw. Thanks.


Is it true that you are a trained classical/opera singer?


Yes, actually. I started ballet dancing and singing in music theater at the age of 3. As I got older I started singing classical and opera music. I actually got a scholarship to study voice in college and was pursuing musical theater when I got cast in my first horror film. You can imagine my mother's reaction when she found out her sweet little choir girl was ripping people open and eating their intestines with a smile.


You have also played leads in various musicals and performed in pop bands, right?


I have done musicals my whole life. I thought there was nothing better in the world then being on stage, until I found the film camera. I did a music review of Phantom of the Opera where I played Christine for a TV-station in Arizona, and shared the role of Eva Peron in Evita shortly after. After hearing my voice and my musical ability I got recruited to sing in a pop girl group. I was backup for it because my voice has a strong classical quality that does not sound very Britney Spears, but I can harmonize to anything on the spot, sometimes without even ever hearing a song so they kept me around to write the harmonies and help the other girls with their parts. I had a lot of fun with that, we dressed up and had big dance numbers and played shows all over. We even got shopped by Jive and Universal, but the girls were always flaky. We must have gone through 30 replacements by the time I quit. Everytime we started to get big, someone would not be sure if they wanted that life. I knew that I did, so I broke out on my own. Since then I put music on the backburner to pursue a film career. I still sing sometimes in church :)


You broke into movies and into the horror genre with The Lonely Ones. What can you tell us about this film?


It was a huge deal to me for a while. It was my baby, the film that changed the direction of my life and allowed me to discover my blood lust. Now I can see a lot more of its flaws and shortcomings, but I still have a soft spot for it and my character is still one of my roles in film. It is low budget, but has a wonderful story that trumps the lack of funding. It was a month on location filming in northern Arizona. I learned the basics of filmmaking and acting from wonderful people who loved their crafts. I still keep in touch with some of the cast and crew.



You were also in 12-24. A few words about that one?


This is the first film I did this year after deciding to do horror full time. It is the first ever holiday zombie flick and was a lot of fun to shoot. I still haven't seen it, but it has a huge following and is supposedly a solid film for new filmmaker Anthony Colliano. It was cool for me as the youngest scream queen to work under Tiffany Shepis who is a veteran of our field. WCW's Maestro was in some of my scenes too so that was a blast.


Any other films you've done you want to mention?


If it ever gets completed, The New Face of Fear is a pretty cool project. Victoria Demare, Bianca Barnett and myself host trailers and clips of the top indie horror films of the past few years. Each segment has us inside different types of horror films about to be hunted down and then it stops so we can tell you about the next film preview. It's pretty cool.


I've got a film coming up that im excited about called 15 Till Midnight, which is being called 'The Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind of the horror genre'.


The guys doing Scream Queen Campfire just annouced a new series around me this week called Devanny Pinn's Trial By Terror. More on that later.


Also currently working on a couple films with Death Factory Inc - Bad Girls Burn in Hell and Diary of Death.


Most of the films you are in are horror movies. Is horror a genre dear to you?


Yup, I am a horror girl. I only do horror because its the most fun. I will do films with other elements in them, but horror has to be one of the main components.


You sometimes also go by the name Horror Barbie. How did that name come into being?


It was on set of one of my films last year. A lot of the other girls came on set and were brutal looking, and being a scream queen I think they expected me to look the same. I showed up skipping to the film in a pink pleted skirt, with curls in my hair and cotton candy flavored lip gloss. After looks of shock, terror and then laughter, the crew decided I was hilarious and refered to me as the horror genres Barbie doll. The name kind of stuck and then when I decided it was not an insult I even started marketing myself that way.


Women in horror are almost automatically labelled scream queens. Is that a label you are happy with?


Oh I have a HUGE problem with this. 

My nomination as a scream queen was one of the proudest moments of my life, and anyone who knows me knows that I hate that the term is thrown around to anyone now. Scream queens are women who act in horror films and do a damn good job at it. If you are a horror cyber girl, have a blog, or even are a big horror fan... you are NOT a scream queen. Just like I could be an award winner but there is a huge difference in the Cob award and the Oscars. There are a few of us who are trying to make acting in horror a more serious trade, and show people how much more work it takes than any other genre, so awarding a title should be difficult to earn to everyone is not helping. In short, I am honored that critics who have seen my work have dubbed me a scream queen, and women in horror are amazing people - but they are Women in Horror.


Your website, MySpace, Facebook, whatever else? (just kidding)


Actresses (or indeed actors) who have inspired you?


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I love Jamie Lee Curtis and Sarah Michelle Gellar. They are strong women with a wide range of acting ability and have made major contributions to horror. Have to throw down to Angelina too, she inspired some of the good little bad girl you love to hate that I've got going on.


Your favourite movies?


Cruel Intentions, My Suicide, Sleepaway Camp, Scream 1-2, The Mighty Ducks, Mrs. Doubtfire, Anything Disney, The Shining, Urban Legend, Silence of the Lambs, Hook, Legally Blonde, Gone With the Wind, Zoolander, Star Wars.


And of course, films you have really deplored?


I Know What You Did Last Summer 3, Don't Mess with the Zohan, Leprechan 7: In the Hood... or something like that


Anything else you are dying to mention I have merely forgotten to ask?


Ummm I am involved in a documentary and book called The First Ladies of Horror that should be out later this year.

I am also being drawn into a comic book called Fangs by Comic Book Divas as the lead vampire Lilly Le Sang.

I also am currently making my screenwriting debut in Socia about a female serial killer.


Thanks for the interview!


Thank you! And big thanks to your readers.


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