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An Interview with Creep Creepersin, Director of Vaginal Holocaust

by Mike Haberfelner

July 2009

Creep Creepersin on (re)Search my Trash


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You have a movie upcoming with the wonderful title Vaginal Holocaust. How did you come up with the title in the first place, and how does the film relate to it?


That came up more a joke at first. We had just finished Erection and I was working on preproduction for He and the joke was that I was writing all of these male films and people would start thinking I was in the closet. Haha! Then I said that I would make a vagina flick just to let everyone know how hetero I am and in doing so it was born. We got hit up by a distributor to make an exploitation movie that same day and it just started to fall together.


So I had the title first and I had two word docs open on my computer writing He and Vag at the same time. Half my crew was doing preproduction on He while the other half was doing preproduction on Vag. The only concept I had was a chick running down the stairs like Linda Blair in Exorcist, crotch first with a pussy full of teeth. Then it just went from there. Itís kinda like a cross between I Spit on your Grave and some flick where a vagina eats people. I guess you can say that flick Teeth, but more so if Roger Corman [Roger Corman bio - click here] made it or something, if that makes any sense.


With a title like Vaginal Holocaust, how explicit willl the film be in terms of sex and violence?


Itís not that the film is explicit in sex but there are a lot of sexual situations. I am more of a fan of nudity. I love how in the 70's you could do full frontal and it was considered artistic - you do it now and it means your film might get an X rating. I think that has to do with the lack of pubic hair women are willing to run around with. I think pubic hair is sexy in an artistic kinda of way. More actresses should grow their hair out. In terms of violence, itís pretty fucking violent. There is a lot of blood. I told our FX people to watch Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, rig some shit up and meet me on set.


From the plot outline alone, Vaginal Holocaust sounds like a sexually offensive hommage to 1950's creature features. Is there any truth in that assumption?


Yes and no. It does definitely have that silliness on the one sheet and with the tag line it has right now. Iím just a huge sucker for that kind of marketing. I think itís so much fun and I think people like to have fun especially right now with the way things are going. However, it is also filled with gritty, grainy violence and sexual images that harken back to Deliverance, Last House on the Left and films of that nature.


What were your main inspirations to shoot a film about a devouring pussy?


To not shoot a film about a devouring penis - and I think the shock value of the title is just a lot of fun for me. It was really hard getting my wife and my crew to take me seriously. Iím like, "guys, this is going to be great! Itís called Vaginal Holocaust!" it took a while for everyone to get on board. Once they saw the script it was like, "yeah, this could totally work."


How did you handle your rather unique moviemonster special effects-wise?


We had Emma Jacobs who did some stuff on the new My Bloody Valentine-3D flick and Ian who did the Sloppy Jose in Poultrygeist. They just built some small props and appliances. It looks cool, but I don't want to give too much away.


Elissa Dowling

Elissa Dowling, who plays the lead in Vaginal Holocaust, is in almost all of your movies [Elissa Dowling interview - click here]. A few words about her?


Elissa is a work horse. I try to make a movie every month and she has the same work ethic as I do. I have to constantly be creating or else my brain boils. She's the same way with her acting. My wife loves her to death and on our sets, itís really a family atmosphere so if you as an actor are accepted, itís like Freaks and we will keep putting you to work.


What can you tell us about the rest of your principal cast?


Natasha Talonz just got finished doing Black Devil Doll. I just think she was perfect for this role as the girl whose vagina goes on a murderous revenge streak. I had always wanted to work with Elske McCain [Elske McCain interview - click here] so this was a fun project to start that collaboration on. Sean Cain [Sean Cain interview - click here] got the part when he came and did his part for He. We shot He right after Christmas and shot Vag at the beginning of February. Jordan Lawson was supposed to play Corey but he had scheduling conflicts at the last minute and Sean recommended Shane Ryan [Shane Ryan interview - click here], who learned his lines in about a day or two, so he showed up and really turned it on. Matty Thunders is someone I have worked with on a couple other films of mine and Iím lucky that no one has seen his films yet, because once they do, I don't know if Iím going to be able to afford him. Nathaniel Branch was great, a total geek, which I love. We were up in the mountains for almost a week shooting that. It was like a bunch of friends just camping. Christene Eaton is a really dear friend of Nikki and I, so having her there was awesome and her boyfriend Ryan was one of the locals so it was just camping with your buddies. McCoy, well, I can't talk to you about McCoy. (Youíll understand when you see it.)


When and where will the film be available?


We are going to do a short theater run as a midnight double feature with Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go. There are a lot of companies that are interested in putting Vag out, but we will see, but hopefully this year sometime.


Besides Vaginal Holocaust, you have also made quite a number of other films in the last few years (or are currently working on them) that I'd like to talk about:

What can you tell us about Caged Lesbos-a-Go-Go?


Caged we shot in between the shooting days of Orgy of Blood. We shot it on the Monday after the L.A. Fangoria convention, so that's how I was able to get Monique Dupree and Elske out here since they were here for the con. We shot the entire thing at Tom Devlin's 1313FX studio using old sets and props that he had. It was shot in one day and it looks like an old Jack Hill women in prison flick crossed with old school land of the lost. It was so much fun. It kept me sane during the Orgy of Blood shoot which was a big budget shoot. It felt good to get back to my roots and do a 1,000 mile an hour shoot fest. Great cast too. We also had Elina Madison, Ariauna Albright, Elissa, Sean Cain, Shane Ryan, Matty, and the awesome Lloyd Troma Kaufman playing president Obama. A lifelong dream of mine was fulfilled by getting to do a movie with him. I have a 12 minute scene with him where we are playing chess. Itís awesome!


A few words about Orgy of Blood?


Orgy is the biggest thing Iíve done so far. It was the most expensive, biggest cast, biggest story in terms of scope, and we shot on location in the Hollywood Hills most the time. We got to shoot one night at Club Hell that was packed with people. It was crazy. It was my first time shooting on the 4k Red. Orgy is going to be huge. Working with actors like Domiziano Arcangeli [Domiziano Arcangeli interview - click here] and Randal Malone, itís just crazy. I don't know how to describe the feeling I have when thinking about it. I am blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to write and direct for such great actors. The cast is amazing. Itís visually stunning. Itís a lot like The Hunger and Eyes Wide Shut in that regard. It will be huge.


What about the provocatively titled Erection?


Erection is about a guy who is in love with this girl and his first date with her is his last because of an unexplained event that gives him penis problems. Itís not a funny film. Itís not really a horror film in todayís sense of horror. It is just a totally disturbing drama about being at the wrong place at the wrong time and never really knowing why. Itís a love story. Fucked up people can fall in love and have a story too. Itís not just for the normal people. Murderers can fall in love, rapists can fall in love. That's kinda what the flick is about.


Then there's of course also He?


He is about a marriage that kinda lost its way. Itís about a couple who have grown so far apart that they almost donít know who the other person is anymore. Itís like if you were to wake up one day and see some person in your house, and you know that you are supposed to be nice to this person but you donít know why. Both the husband (played by me) and the wife (played by Ariauna Albright) canít really tell what is real and what isnít anymore and they just kinda melt. Itís a fun movie.


A few words about Creep Creepersin's Creepshow?


Creepshow is an obvious play on words that horror fans would know. But it is a collection of all the shorts and videos I did before really getting into features. There are a couple exceptions to that. It has a web series that we did that is pretty close to my favorite thing that I have done so far, called Decomposing Jack which stars Matt Turek. I just love it. It is totally the movie I would make over and over again if given the opportunity.


Another great title is O.C.Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown. What can you tell us about that one?


Well, this one, actually hit stores everywhere today, so Iím pretty geeked about this one right now. It was my first feature film that I did when I moved back to California from Oregon. And it is the film that really broke me into the scene. Itís about people getting trapped in a bar when a zombie outbreak happens outside but they are trapped in the bar with this serial killer that has been on a rampage.


So itís like, is it safer inside or outside? I used a lot of footage from Night of the Living Dead for laughs and it is totally fun.


Speaking of great titles: What about Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighters: Bad Bitch Brawl?


This is a film that we havenít made yet. We were supposed to shoot this in June, but a bunch of other projects with confirmed budgets came along, so this is on hold. But what it is is my throw back to the great Pinky films from 70ís Japan. I hope we can do it in spring.


You have also shot your own version of Frankenstein. What's your approach to this age-old horror myth?


Frankenstein was my first feature and it isnít like Frankenstein at all. Itís about a guy with no social skills who sits in a room with a tiny TV and watches old horror movies all the time with his friend who happens to be his pet rat, Frankenstein. He finally gets the idea of how to make friends from watching his movies and taking advice from his rat. Chaos ensues.


With Sexual Violence in Cinema you leave the feature film realm to make a documentary about, I guess, sexual violence in cinema. What can you tell us about that film of yours and the subject in general?


I did a film called Peeping Blog that was a real time flick about a guy who has a blog site and posts videos of himself stalking girls and doing them in. I was trying to do something really low budget. It was an experiment for me in filmmaking. Ariauna Albright and Elissa Dowling are in it too. I played the Peeper and we made this movie in one day with no crew, all pretty much one take. It totally fucked me up in the head. It was so disturbing it made me ill. Elissa freaked out about it later also. It was just too real. So that got me thinking about all of these actresses and filmmakers out there who do this kinda stuff every day. I wanted to see if this was something that was traumatic for them, or if it was something where through real life situations that they have been through, if it is therapeutic to partake in these films. And then in doing the documentary, all new problems arose and the doc took a different turn. Once it is completely cut, I think it will be a very interesting piece.


Any films of yours I've forgotten that you'd like to talk about?


I have three books out actually. Not films. So it doesnít go with the exact question. But, I have three books out The Legend of Cartwayne Twain which is a book that is like Dr. Seuss for adults. Then I have Blood Lust Romance and its sequel Blood Lust Revenge that are about home invasion robberies and sex and violence and shit like that. Theyíre super cool. Hopefully I will be able to film them someday.


Any future projects?


Why yes. This month we are shooting a film called The Brothers Cannibal which is a dark comedy that stars Matt Turek, Buz ďDangerĒ Wallick, Phoebe Dollar and Domiziano Arcangeli [Domiziano Arcangeli interview - click here] which is going to be just fantastic. Itís very Coen Brothers. Itís just about constantly being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.


Then in August we are doing something very ambitious. We are making a trilogy called Final Girl which is about a crazed filmmaker, The Director Pasquale, who after years of hiding, comes back with his opus. Which is a film he wants to make called Red Machete Blue. He needs the perfect final girl to make his masterpiece complete. So the first film is called Final Girl, then we will do Red Machete Blue: Final Girl 2, and then Final Girl: FINAL!. It stars a slew of Creeper Crew alumni including Domiziano Arcangeli as The Director Pasquale, Chandler Maness (Orgy of Blood) [Chandler Maness interview - click here], Elina Madison (Caged Lesbos), Phoebe Dollar, Elissa Dowling [Elissa Dowling interview - click here], Matt Turek, Mandy Schafer, Devanny Pinn [Devanny Pinn interview - click here] and also a lot of people that I havenít worked with. But that is going to be fun just making that many movies at the same time. It is gonna rock.


Many of your films seem to be deliberately placed in the trash-horror and -sci-fi realm. Why is that?


I just like exploitation titles, but I also love terrifying, psychological horror. I donít think that my films are trash horror but I want people to think that they are - if that makes any sense. I like feeling like I am taking people for a ride from the get go. I like people to never know what to expect.


Apart from writing and directing your films, you also act in them as well as in films by other directors. What can you tell us about your acting career, and a few films by others you're in you'd like to mention?


Well, I started acting in my own films for two reasons. One, it was one less person that I had to pay and two, I didnít want to have a day job anymore. So I thought if I was at least acting, I could get paid, build my resume, and get real world experience by learning how sets work and the nuts and bolts of filmmaking from other great directors. See, you have to understand that I have absolutely no formal training in filmmaking. My film school was a love for the medium, watching as many director commentaries as I could and reading books about how to make movies. In doing that, I came up with my own method that has turned our production company into a very hard working, movie making machine. I had made close to ten features and a ton of shorts and music videos before ever setting foot on what I called at the time a real movie set. What I have learned is that no two directors do anything alike. My first acting gig was in a short film called Strangers that was for the Chiller Channel which is owned by NBC/Universal. I got to play the Stalker which was a dream come true growing up with Jason and Friday the 13th films and it was so fucking fun I just had to do more. I have a small cameo in Shane Ryanís Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D [Shane Ryan interview - click here] that we shot while we were shooting Vaginal Holocaust which was fun. Then I was in Paul Houghís The Human Race whose executive producer is John Hough who did the original Witch Mountain movies and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Twins of Evil and stuff like that so itís cool to be a part of that kind of thing. I just love making movies.


What got you into making movies in the first place?


I have always loved film and I have always been in bands doing the music thing. Well, when I was in the Creep Creepersin Film School, one of the books that I made myself read was, What They Donít Teach You in Film School. In that book was a passage that basically stated, ďwhen you go to a book store and head over to the magazines, which magazines do you pick up and read? Whatever that magazine is about, thatís what you should be doing with your life to be happy.Ē And I was blown away. I never read Rolling Stone or Spin or anything like that. It was always Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Scarlet Street, and Cult Films. Things like that. So it was a total shock to my system. It made me feel like I had been wasting my life. That made me think of an interview I did right before Faster Creepersin Kill Kill came out in where I said, that ďall singers in horror rock bands are just frustrated horror directors who donít know how to get their movies made.Ē I was right, at least for me.


The Science Fiction Originals

The other thing that got me to make films was watching a movie called Funny Games. They remade it over here. Still good, but I like the other one better. Anyway, it was the first film that I ever saw that I felt victimized as viewer. And I thought that I could do that to people, if I can make them feel the way I feel right now, filmmaking would be very satisfying.


Besides making films, you are a musician and the frontman of rockbands Creepersin and The Sci-Fi Originals. A few words about your music?



I love playing music and recording music. But touring is really hard on me. I have a family and I love being around them, but Creepersin is where all of this started. I donít know if I would be making movies today without that band. SFO was something my wife and I started after being stuck in a house sick all weekend watching really bad movies on the Sci-Fi Channel.


Directing, writing, acting, making music ... which one do you enjoy the most?


Writing and directing. Hands down. It is the most fulfilling thing that I have ever done besides being a husband and a father.


Nikki Wall

In both your movies and your music, your wife Nikki Wall is a constant collaborator. Would you like to talk about her for a bit?


She is my life. We have been together off and on since we were 13 years old. Sheís my best friend. We are around each other every day, all day so her getting involved with everything I do is something that is just right. There is actually a documentary being shot on her right now called Brides of Horror. Iím really proud of her. She also keeps me from making really bad decisions on set, like firing people or cutting things out of a script. She completes me. That sounds silly but it is 100% true.


Your website, MySpace, whatever else?


Your main influences as a director?


David Lynch, Hitchcock, Takashi Miike, Ed Wood [Ed Wood bio - click here], Roger Corman [Roger Corman bio - click here], Lloyd Kaufman, Stanley Kubrick.


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Some of your favourite films?


Anything by Lynch is a given. Other than that, Lifeboat, Rope and Psycho by Hitchcock. Other than those two directors I would have to say Funny Games, Visitor Q, all the 70ís blaxploitation and women in prison flicks. Of course thereís also Cabinet of Dr. Calagari and all the old Universal horror movies. Then there are the AIP/Vincent Price/Corman/Poe flicks and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This list wonít stop if you let me keep going so Iíll leave it there for now.


And of course films you really deplored?


Until I win Oscars, Iím not allowed to talk bad about other peopleís films. And even then I probably shouldnít.


Anything else you are dying to mention that I've just forgotten to ask?


Go buy O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown!!!


Thanks for the interview!


Thank you. That was a really good one. You did your homework. Good job.


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